The hardest part about loving you is knowing I need to let go
― I don’t want to but I have to save myself this time (via brxken-blades)
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Only if I knew

If i knew the things would end up this way I would never allow me to get so attached to you. I would never wake up so early only to say good morning, would never wait you get back to say good night. I would never stop doing whatever I was doing just to speak with you.

Nobody gave me so much joy, so many smiles.Nobody took so much of it away from me, tough. What am I supposed to feel? Ok? Fine? Happy? Am I supposed to pretend this was all a little play in my mind?

Each word I said to you meant my heart, meant my soul. I gave you my soul, I thought you gave me yours too.

You know what it hurts the most? What we had was only bullshit, was all a little game to you. I will never forgive you, I will never forget you. I don’t want to forget you.

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Was it hard?” I ask.
Letting go?”

Not as hard as holding on to something that wasn’t real.

Lisa Schroeder (via feellng)
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